On the Spotlight: They’re Not ‘Just Another Coffee’ in Manila

Where have you Bean?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re running late for work and the only thing that can fix it is coffee? Say no more, Another Coffee Manila‘s Chocolate Espresso Beans is here!

Another Coffee Manila is the first and only source that perfected the handcrafted chocolate espresso beans in the Philippines. The best from their advocacy is that they locally source from farmers in Batangas.

Batangas is known to have one of the strongest coffee in the Philippines. The region’s robusta beans are used to make four different types of coffee beans. Each type of coffee reflects the unique terroir, climate, and culture of Batangas. The lighter roasted Arabica beans are perfect for making espresso because they extract quicker than Robusta beans. These Arabica beans taste fruity with a hint of chocolate flavor when brewed black, or full-bodied when made into an espresso.

The FIRST and ONLY source of handcrafted chocolate espresso beans in the Philippines

Another Coffee Manila’s Treats


Starting with the basics, they offer a Pint which is 243g (approx 160pcs) from three flavors, dark, white, and matcha.


If you prefer a little variety, choose a Set that is 80g (approx 50pcs) with all three flavors containing dark, white, and matcha.

To describe the taste, their Chocolate Espresso Beans is made from premium chocolate, with a balanced flavor, and crunchy.

They are baking in small batches so consider at least 1-2 days lead time. To order, message them at or through their order form.


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