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3 Online Grocery Stores You Should Be Using this 2022

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Do you ever wish the grocery store would just deliver your food? You don’t have to wish anymore. Companies like Pacific Bay and Rare Food Shop offer an amazing service: they’ll deliver groceries right to your door.

Pacific Bay

Provides a selection of authentic and top-grade food from meticulously chosen suppliers. Find a variety of seafood, salmon, crab sticks, and shrimp delivered to your doorstep.

For orders, check out Pacific Bay Shop’s website.

Get ₱200 off Sitewide for New Customers on Pacific Bay

Get ₱200 off Sitewide for New Customers on Pacific Bay

Rare Food Shop

Rare Food Shop not just offers great steaks it also offers a great selection of top-quality seafood, including fresh fish and shellfish.

For orders, check out Rare Food Shop’s website.


PureGo is a new online grocery shopping platform from 917Ventures and Puregold. The online grocery shopping platform was created to help millions of Filipinos save time and money while still getting fresh food. The goal is to disrupt the traditional system of grocery shopping through convenient, affordable, and fast deliveries.

For orders, check out PureGo’s website.

Get your favorite food without leaving the house.

There are plenty of perks to online grocery shopping. If you’re like me, you love the idea of never having to leave your house on a Saturday morning.


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