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Beyond Beaches: 5 Underrated Places to Visit near Boracay

For all the explorers at heart.

The province of Aklan has become one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the Philippines. Bask in the timeless beauty of its fine white sand beaches that draw countless local and foreign visitors. But apart from the captivating island, Aklan, the oldest province in the country, also presents a slew of other interesting attractions that can be found near Boracay. Among these are:

1. Tigwati-an Island and Tinagong Dagat

If you wish to explore the other parts of the island during your stay in Boracay, these 2 pristine places will certainly capture your senses. The Tigwati-an Island, or Crystal Cove in Malay, is known for various sizes and kinds of shells that lie on the beach. It is also home to a few caves with amazing crystalline formations.


Tinagong Dagat, on the other hand, is a secluded part of the sea. Here, you will see a few islets fringed with mangroves. This rocky beach is located between the islands of Altavas and Batan.

2. Agtawagon Hill and Freedom Shrine

The Agtawagon Hill in Balete played an important role in the Philippine history. It was considered as the last line of defense of the Filipino patriots during the Spanish colonization. During World War II, this hill also served as a camp of Filipino soldiers and guerrillas.


Meanwhile, the Freedom Shrine in Kalibo was built as a tribute to local revolutionaries. This monument features 19 steps that contain the mortal remains of the 19 martyrs of Aklan. A bust of Gen. Francisco Del Castillo, the leader of Katipunan in Aklan, sits on the top of the shrine.

3. Museo It Akean

Situated in Kalibo, the Museo It Akean is a depository that showcases a collection of Aklanon antiques and artworks. It also houses an impressive display of Spanish regime artifacts, such as piña textiles, clay crafts, religious relics, and furniture.


Another exclusive feature of this museum is the memorabilia of Fr. Gabriel M. Reyes, the Archbishop of Manila from 1949 to 1952. These exhibits depict the province’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

4. Jawili Falls

Plunge in the fresh and cool waters of Jawili Falls to experience a more rejuvenating nature trip. Placed in Tangalan, Kalibo, this attraction is popular for its 7 natural basins that are more spectacular during the rainy season.


The highest basin is about 100 ft high and 12 ft deep. The verdant forest around the falls adds to the tranquil atmosphere in the area and invites travelers to go for a refreshing walk.

5. Ignito Cave

Popularly known as the Elephant Cave, this natural wonder is known for its beautiful limestone formations. Ignito Cave is actually the longest and grandest cave in Buruanga, Aklan, with huge deposits of stalagmites, stalactites, and other crystalline structures. At noon, one of its chambers has a skylight that lets in a soft glow of light.

IMAGE: Daniel’s Eco Travels

This place is also noted for large deposits of guano (feces) from inhabiting birds and bats. You can get to Ignito Cave by car, bus, or boat. A 30-minute boat ride from Caticlan Port to Buruanga will bring you to this site.

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