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Philippines Food Tour: Which Regional Cuisine Suits Your Taste Buds?

Welcome to the Philippines Food Tour personality quiz! Take this fun quiz to discover which regional cuisine from the Philippines matches your taste buds. Are you more of a Metro Manila/Cebu foodie, or is the exotic charm of Palawan, Bohol or Davao calling your name? Let’s find out!

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    What type of dish do you prefer?

    • Classic comfort food with a twist
    • Grilled seafood with a tropical flair
    • A unique combination of sweet and savory flavors
    • Hearty and spicy dishes that pack a punch
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    Which cooking method appeals to you the most?

    • Slow-cooked to perfection
    • Freshly grilled
    • Steamed or boiled
    • Sizzling hot and stir-fried
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    What kind of sauce do you like to accompany your meal?

    • Rich and creamy
    • Tangy and refreshing
    • Sweet and sour
    • Bold and spicy
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    Which side dish would you choose to complete your meal?

    • A heaping plate of garlic rice
    • A light and zesty salad
    • A comforting bowl of soup
    • A serving of pickled vegetables
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    What dessert would you love to indulge in?

    • A decadent chocolate cake
    • A tropical fruit medley
    • A delicious rice-based treat
    • A spicy and sweet concoction


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