Hue Hotel Boracay’s Station X Day Pass at ₱699 (1/3)

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  • Take a sip while going for a dip at Station X – a vibrant and friendly lifestyle hub where locals and tourists come together
  • Rent one of Hue Hotel’s day beds and enjoy access to their swimming pool plus food from La Ud and drinks from Prisma!
  • Enjoy dining, shopping, drinking, and entertainment all at one colorful destination
  • Various community events are often held to gather locals & tourists and grow our local tourism.
  • With COVID-19 restrictions, all community events are held at an outdoor space and with a controlled number of people to ensure your top-most safety.


  • Good food and artisanal drinks.
  • Affordable entrance fee with nearby restaurants and game area.


  • The swimming pool is average.


Written by Melissa Yu

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