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On the Spotlight: Maison Bukana in Siargao

A fusion between two worlds

The Philippines is currently undergoing the “resort renaissance,” and there couldn’t have been a better time to visit. The archipelago has become one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers worldwide. Even more so if you’re looking to explore something new and refreshing. Discover why you should add Maison Bukana in Siargao to your bucket list:


How far is Maison Bukana from the town proper and the airport?

Maison Bukana is conveniently located 11mins from General Luna town proper and 41mins from Siargao (IAO) airport. You will have direct access to the town proper where you can visit the local markets, shop for fresh produce or try local delicacies.

Visit the beach or just wander around. There is plenty to see and do near Maison Bukana.


What makes Maison Bukana unique?

In between the sea and the river, The Maison Bukana is a unique location where the majestic waves of the sea meet with the majestic mangroves of the land. Feel the atmosphere, the calm, and the ambiance of this exclusive little location at the edge of Malinao Island.

A fusion between two worlds.


Offering Heritage and Sustainability, the design and architecture of this place are a result of a fusion of two distinct yet complementary worlds. This project was carefully designed to honor the ancient Filipino tradition of living in harmony with nature and the elements, which is expressed through the careful consideration of flora, natural ventilation, natural lighting, and native materials.

Let the golden sunrays, the pacific breeze, and the fireflies’ magical dance welcome you to a dreamy location where you may let go of your worries just a bit more.

When you first enter the place, you will immediately notice the turquoise stone from the pool, the noble wood floors, and the furniture, as well as their decision to procure all of our water from the most abundant and sustainable source: rainwater. All of which are proudly forged by Siargao’s local craftsmen.

The Rooms at Maison Bukana

There are four suites at Maison Bukana, each with its own unique view. Their spacious suites can fit 8 guests and up to a maximum of 12 guests. The rooms feature a distinctive blend of elegant and modern interiors that make you feel at home. They also come with a lot of amenities like a WiFi connection, a flat-screen TV, an air-conditioner, and a mini-bar where you can find snacks and drinks.


Dining at Maison Bukana

Their Chef took the finest handcrafted and organic foods from the island to make a healthy and filling breakfast for Maison Bukana’s customers. The character of “Bistrot” cuisine inspired their menu, which is a blend of flavors and focuses on the island’s organic produce and sustainability. The menu includes omelets, salads, and pasta, as well as coffee and tea with pastries. Guests can also enjoy the outdoor terrace and the poolside bar.

The place also has a good selection of wines and spirits to enjoy with your meal.


Activities at Maison Bukana

After a delicious meal, you can choose to spend the rest of your day at the beach or take part in various activities in Siargao. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can go surfing, wakeboarding, and other water sports at the beach. You can also try out the many hiking trails in Siargao or spend time shopping at the Siargao Central Market, which is in the town proper. You can find a lot of souvenirs and other goods for sale so that you can bring home a memento of your trip to Siargao.


Maison Bukana Rates? How much is a night’s stay

At the moment, they require a minimum night stay of three (3) nights that can accommodate 8 guests sharing 4 suites that can be expanded to accommodate up to 12 guests.

For rates, email them at

If you’re visiting Siargao, you must try the French cuisine and Wine cellar at Maison Bukana. This accommodation offers delectable dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. You can also enjoy the lovely mangroves and beach views while dining at the restaurant. Before visiting, make sure to reserve in advance. You can check the Maison Bukana website to check the availability.


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