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3 Reasons Why Fridays Puerto Galera is The Perfect Place for Your Next Vacation

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You know that feeling when you just want to get away from it all? Take a break from your daily life, the traffic and noise of the city, and embrace nature for just a few days. If you’re looking for such an escape, you might want to consider planning your next vacation in Puerto Galera. This sleepy little island in Mindoro has been keeping travelers coming back for more since 2002 when it was first discovered as a hidden gem by intrepid travelers and digital nomads who were exploring Philippines travel as a new digital nomad hotspot.

Discovered as a hidden gem by intrepid travelers and digital nomads

Today, thanks to its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, exciting nightlife, and affordable accommodation options like Fridays Puerto Galera, Puerto Galera remains one of the most popular destinations in the country. Here are some reasons why you should visit Fridays Puerto Galera Resort on your next vacation!


1. Fridays Puerto Galera is located in a national heritage

Muelle Bay is renowned as one of the most spectacular bays on the planet, and Puerto Galera is recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. During the 29th International Coordinating Council for the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) Meeting in June 2017, Puerto Galera’s Biosphere Reserve status was once again recognized.


2. You can rent the whole island for your group

In addition to providing air-conditioning, hot and cold showers, Wi-Fi, 49-inch cable TVs, coffee and tea equipment, safety deposit boxes, and bathroom amenities, Fridays Puerto Galera contains 24 accommodations. An al fresco bar and restaurant, as well as a swimming pool with a kiddie pool section, are among the offerings. For weekdays and other special inquiries, you may contact or to book the whole island for your group.


3. Get 40% OFF when you book today!

Yes, you read that right! If you’re looking for Fridays Puerto Galera promos. Get up to 40% OFF when you book a stay until September 30, 2022. Make your stay in paradise even more enjoyable with a lei and welcome drinks upon arrival, as well as complimentary roundtrip boat transfers from Muelle Port to the Resort. Enjoy daily breakfast at Cru Restaurant, as well as complimentary amenities such as volleyball, board games, snorkeling goggles for rent, and free Wi-fi in certain areas. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Fridays Puerto Galera is the perfect place for your next vacation. Whether you want to relax on the beach with a good book or explore the nearby towns, this island has something for everyone. The food is delicious, and there are lots of activities for adventure seekers. So what are you waiting for? Book a stay at Fridays Puerto Galera today!


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