5 Alcoholic Drinks You Didn’t Know Are Actually Healthy

For real?

It’s no secret that alcohol is not good for your health. But what if we said there were a few types of alcohol that were actually good for you? That means you can enjoy all the benefits, but with less guilt.

These 5 alcoholic drinks are healthy and will keep you in tip-top shape! Or not, if you won’t drink moderately. 😉

1) Wine

Wine has been used for centuries to treat various types of infections. It is rich in anti-inflammatory agents, which improve immunity and prevent bacterial growth. The alcohol in wine also acts as a disinfectant, which improves the body’s ability to fight infection.

Wine is also high in phenolic compounds, which are antioxidants that help keep teeth healthy. Red wine specifically has resveratrol, which helps neutralize free radicals in the body that might cause cancer cells to grow.


2) Beer

Beer is good for your bones. It’s rich in silicon, which is essential to bone health. Beer also has hops, which are necessary if you want to have healthy hair and skin. Add some hops to your diet for healthier hair and skin!


3) Whiskey

Whiskey is usually made from barley, malted barley, rye, or maize. It’s distilled and usually aged in oak barrels.


4) Vodka

Vodka is made from potatoes, yeast, and water. It has no color or flavor, which means you can mix it with anything. It’s low-calorie and gluten-free. The only downside to vodka is that it’s not as potent as other alcoholic drinks.

Vodka can be sweetened or flavored for a refreshing twist. You can also make mixed drinks with it! And if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and experiment with your favorite mixer to create original cocktails.


5) Rum

Rum is made from sugar cane and contains natural sugars. If you like the taste of rum, you can enjoy this drink without worry because it’s actually healthy!

Rum is produced by fermenting molasses or sugar cane juice. It can be enjoyed straight up with no mixers, or mixed into cocktails. It has a high alcohol content which means it packs some punch! The best part about it? It contains natural sugars which are good for you! Plus, it’s gluten-free so those with sensitivities can drink to their heart’s content. Rum is made from fermented sugar cane, making it a healthier option than other alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy your rum on the rocks or in a cocktail for extra flavor.


Each drink has its own set of benefits and flavors, so don’t be afraid to try them all (responsibly)! You’ll never look at alcohol the same way again. So go ahead and pour yourself a drink from Boozy.PH because it’s time to party!


Written by Jan Ortega

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